Strategy is about creating a vision of the future and putting in place a pathway for getting there.

Creating a business strategy is a critical step for any business that aspires to grow and with my experience in a very wide range of markets, and having tackled many barriers along the way, I am confident that together we can define your pathway to growth.

The issues that my clients have had in the past are many and varied but common themes include ….

Business Growth

You are looking to grow the business and need a compelling strategy that will drive this forward. Or you have many ideas for growth but need to develop them into viable propositions. You may even want to start the process of developing new exciting ideas for growing the business through blue-sky thinking.

Having worked with over 200 businesses in multiple sectors I have the track-record of supporting companies in realising their growth ambitions.

Increased Profitability

Business is almost always about making a profit, but sometimes profitability can falter or not achieve expectations and you need to take an assessment of where the business currently is and get expert advice on where improvements can be made. 

I can support you in examining the drivers of profitability in your business and help you make the necessary changes to ensure that you achieve the profits you have planned for.


Great ideas do not always automatically turn into great businesses. You may have a product that is exciting in its concept, and even have patents and valuable IP but you are now stepping outside of your comfort zone in commercialising it.

 I can support you in examining the viable markets for your product and guide you down the path of exploiting its potential. 

New Investment

You are looking to bring investment into the business, whether that be loan or equity, but you’re not sure what type would be best and/or how to get started. 

I can support you in identifying the type of investment that will be most suitable and ensure you present a compelling story to would-be investors. I’ll even help you find the right investment options for you from my extensive network of contacts.

Business Planning

You would like to ensure that all staff, and other stakeholders,  can understand the direction you want the business to be going in and ensure they are all engaged in driving the business towards its planned growth. But, you don’t want a boring business plan document that will never get read or actioned. 

I can develop with you a vibrant, highly focused and  action-orientated business plan designed around your business not a formalised structure.